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123 HP Photosmart Printers

123 hp photosmart printers

123 HP Photosmart Printer

The 123 HP Photosmart printer speed vary according to the complexity of the document. They possess a digital image processing style. The number of copies varies according to the complexity of the documents or pictures.

You can get much more printouts by using 123HP Photosmart Printers. It’s very easy to handle and there is complex issues to face when you’ve done proper print settings. Make use of Printing Preferences to get perfect print that you wish.

The print method offers fast printing and saves the time such as memory card slots, infrared printing, and media sensing super quality results. Refer for an instant information.


123 HP Photosmart Specifications

  • The paper tray capacity vary for the type of printer through which the capacity of pages printed can be identified.
  • Furthermore, they have a supported paper types and sizes such as plain, inkjet, photo, etc.
  • Additionally, HP Photosmart has a supported envelope types and envelope size.
  • For 3*5 index card type, the card size is 76.2*127 mm.
  • The HP Photosmart printers has supported custom size from 76 to 216 mm wide and 127 to 356 mm long.
  • HP Photosmart copy specification has digital image processing.
  • The memory device specification supports memory cards and USB flash drives.
  • For instance reference visit for more information.

Features Of 123 HP Photosmart

  • HP Photosmart Printers extends an magnificent photo realistic images with HP's color layering technology.
  • 123HP Photosmart speed is up to 15 pages per minute in black and 12 pages per minute in color.
  • They have a quick enhancement of photos using memory card slots, in which there is no need of PC.
  • Comparatively, HP Photosmart printer directly saves the digital camera images to PC through suitable front use panel.
  • The Wi-Fi printing is through infrared technology, through which they print directly from digital cameras.
  • Moreover, HP Photosmart gets optimal printing results automatically.
  • Similarly, HP Photosmart makes easy to increase productivity.

Printing superiority

  • Provides high quality in terms of resolution.
  • Additionally, the HP printers are highly reliable.
  • They have a flexible ease of use.
  • Has environmental benefits.

Scanning superiority

  • 123HP Photosmart scanners are reliable and versatile.
  • Flexible with any situation.
  • Highly durable and printing speed is good.
  • The 123 HP Photosmart is scalable and upgradable.

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Printing a Test Page in 123 HP Photosmart
  • First, slide out the input tray.
  • Align a stack of paper by tapping it on a surface.
  • Gently load paper into the input tray and slide in the input tray and power on the printer.
  • On the control panel select Settings icon. Touch tools.
  • Then touch printer status report.
  • Now, test page prints from HP Photosmart printer.
  • Moreover, Check on to for instant reference.
123 HP Photosmart Wireless Setup
  • Attach the HP Photosmart printer to the wireless router.
  • Additionally, go into setup select network and using the wireless setup router this will now search for the wireless router.
  • Simply select the wireless router type in the security code that is protecting the internet.
  • Now, the wireless setup for HP Photosmart printer is completed.
  • Refer, for more information.

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