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123 HP Photosmart C7200 Installation

123 HP Photosmart C7200 Installation

Every 123 HP Photosmart C7200 Installation needs a Driver to Install in your computer so that the HP Photosmart C7200 Printer can work properly. You can download any kinds of HP drivers you would like to see on the internet.

The HP photosmart C7200 installation is on both wired and wireless network connection. For Software Installation visit for C7200 Printers.

Unboxing C7200 printer includes the connection setup, power cable connection, and fixing up the cartridge connection. Fixing the cartridge connection should be on exact color slot. Along with the printer there is option for scanning the page also.

123 hp photosmart c7200 installation


Setting Up HP Photosmart C7200 Printer (Unboxing)

  • Firstly, take off the tape and open the box. On the top of the box will be user guides and accessories for the printer.
  • Those user guides provides the step by step procedure for the C7200 printer. And it will be a multi-language user guide which provides basic setup and troubleshooting information.
  • Then, you will be provided with the installation CD for both Mac and Windows. Also for further issues you can visit printers.
  • Next you will be provided with the new Power cable and the cartridges. Then gently pull out the printer out of the box.
  • Open the scanner lid to Open into the ink access door. Then open the input tray and pull to extend it.
  • Now the HP C7200 Photosmart printer is ready to setup the hardware.

Connecting 123 HP Photosmart C7200 Printer

  • First there must be a connection of power cord.
  • Access the port on the back of the C7200 printer and Connect to the power cord.
  • Take the power cord and plug into the power source.
  • Now turn on the HP Photosmart C7200 printer
  • Then get start to perform an initialization process.
  • Further, select your language, country or region for easy better understanding.
  • Only at first time setup, the user have to configure and select printing preferences.
  • After the process of selection, you may goahead or proceed on for initial setup on 123HP Photosmart C7200 Printer.

123HP Photosmart C7200 Ink Cartridges

  • Firstly, open the ink access door. Remove the plastic piece protecting the carriage meanwhile locate the cartridge with C7200 printer.
  • Moreover, make sure you use the tab to pull the cartridge. Use the orange pull tab to remove the plastic
  • Additionally, push the orange cap from the bottom as counter clockwise to remove the cap.
  • Likewise, the ink port faces down and slide it directly into the open slot.
  • Additionally, repeat the process for the rest of the cartridges.
  • After inserting, pull out the input tray. With your finger push one of the adjustment guides to the outside edge of the tray.
  • Select OK for the setup process. Additionally use for further clarifications.

Note: Make sure to fix the cartridges in the right slots and colors.

123 HP Photosmart C7200 Software Installation

  • Firstly, enter into for the Software or the Driver installation.
  • After that, to identify the printer's product name enter as HP Photosmart C7200.
  • Click Submit to go to the further process of the 123 HP Photosmart C7200 Driver Installation.
  • The Driver-product Installation Software has 13.1.0 version and file size of 290.3MB.
  • After downloading the SW fix the location for the installation process for HP Photosmart C7200.
  • At last, install the Driver and startup with the installation for HP photosmart C7200 printing process.
  • For instance, refer for further queries.

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123 hp photosmart wifi network installation

Installing 123 HP Photosmart C7200 Wi-Fi Network
  • Initially, check whether the system is connected to the network.
  • Before the system connectivity, there is a product update on the printer's control panel to ensure that the HP C7200 printer has the up-to-date functionality.
  • To initialize the update, click the button at the lower left corner of the control panel and select the right arrow button to select the preference, and select Ok.
  • Select the right arrow button for product updates . If the update is available, click Ok and start downloading.
  • Web services must be enabled on HP printer to get HP connected. Touch the button at the left from the printers control panel to bring up the setup menu.
  • Select the right arrow button until the Wireless is displayed. Then click OK  .
  • Click the right arrow button to select Web Services Settings, then click ok.
  • Accept the terms and conditions for the usage and click OK.
  • The web services information page will be printed within few minutes. Then save the information sheet.
  • When you Register at HP connected, you can print documents from any web connected device, and receive printer alerts.
  • Open the browser from your system from to get connected.
  • A screen welcoming to HP connect will appear. Click OK. On the top of the page Click devices and add a device.
  • Find Printers claim code from the previously printed web services sheet and type printers claim code in the textbox.
  • The prompt will appear that “you have successfully added to the printer.”
  • Finally for further issues do follow at printer.
HP Photosmart C7200 Printing Photos & Documents
  • Initially, after setting up Cartridges and Driver for 123 HP Photosmart C7200 Installation method. Then, set on for printing process.
  • Take a stack of papers and slide it into the input tray.
  • Push the width adjustment guides inward until they fix into the tray.
  • Push the input tray until it clicks into the place. Tap OK on the control panel.
  • Tap OK for the page alignment.
  • After the alignment setup, the 123HP Photosmart C7200 printer will take few seconds to print the page.
  • Further, for scanning the page, place the paper in the scanner lid and place the page face down on the right font corner of the glass.
  • Once the paper is loaded, close the lid for scanning. Additionally check for further clarification.
  • Now the printing and scanning procedure from HP C7200 Printers has been successfully completed.

123 hp photosmart print photos documents


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