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123 HP Pagewide Pro Printers

123 HP Pagewide Pro Printer

The 123 HP PageWide Pro delivers millions of perfectly uniform droplets every second. They are synchronized with the pen point accuracy. The PageWide pro develops a new scalability, productivity and speed.

Everything you do from desktop to industrial design in 3D printing. The HP PageWide Pro printers minimize the time and budget spent on maintenance. Refer for more information.


123 hp pagewide pro printers


Features Of 123 HP Pagewide Pro

  • The 123 HP PageWide Pro has the speed and deepest, embedded security.
  • PageWide Pro prints 70 pages per minute.
  • They have an Ethernet and wireless alternatives.
  • It is a multifunction printer through which it can Print, Scan, copy and more.
  • The HP PageWide Pro has fastest speed and deepest security.
  • They are very secured, energy efficient and reliable.
  • For Speed comparisons and for more features visit about HP PageWide Pro.
  • All the expected tasks can be consolidated within this HP PageWide Pro Printers.

123 HP PageWide Pro Specifications

  • HP PageWide pro has a multifunction which can scan, print, fax, and access the web from the printer.
  • They have a count on strong security and management features.
  • The HP PageWide Pro is best in class productivity.
  • They have an instinctual 4.3 inch color touch screen.
  • The HP PageWide Pro Prints from Smartphone, tablet, and notebook.
  • The printer is very simple and direct even without network connection using Wireless options .
  • The printer gets a professional quality color.
  • The HP PageWide Pro Cartridges has a consistent printing performance and an economical business demand.

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Replacing Ink Cartridges on 123HP PageWide Pro

  • Open the Ink access door.
  • Take the new cartridges and slide it into its slot on the printer.
  • Push in on the cartridge to lock it into place.
  • Close the PageWide Pro printer outdoor and resume printing.

123HP PageWide Pro printer setup

  • Go to the control panel from the printer and select the administration.
  • Touch General settings and entitle from USB.
  • Touch copy print, enable print from USB Drive and then enable the option.
  • Locate the USB port. And navigate to the document you want to print.
  • Adjust the number of copies and then touch OK.
  • Now, the document selected gets printed.
Cleaning the platen on 123 HP PageWide Pro
  • Power off the button if the power is on.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Open the left door, carefully remove the duplexer and place is on a sheet of paper.
  • Place a sheet of paper under the platen to catch any debris that might fall as a result of cleaning.
  • Liberate the green tab and lower the platen.
  • Additionally,order an lube kit for cleaning the printer.
  • Clean the affected areas with the isopropyl alcohol moistened cotton swab.
  • After cleaning the platen the surfaces highlighted should be flat.
  • Then install the duplexer and close the lid.
  • Refer for additional setup.

123 hp pagewide pro clean platen printer


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