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123 HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Troubleshooting

123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Troubleshooting

Here, you might face some issues regarding 123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Troubleshoot. Find an Instant Solution from and Resolve the HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer Issues.There are:

  • Print Quality Issues
  • Print Head Problem
  • Align the Print Head
  • Cleaning Print Head Issues
  • Printer Driver Issues
  • Printing Work On Windows and Mac OS Device.

123 hp pagewide pro 477dw troubleshooting


123 hp pagewide pro print quality solutions

Solutions For Print Quality Issues

When you have not get the Print Quality as much as you expected, Just follow the below steps and find the solution for HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer.

  • First of all, to avoid these kinds of errors, just use the HP recommended Instant Ink Cartridge.
  • While if still the problem persist on, You may get help from and find the Instant solution for it.
  • The Next thing, is to Check out the Paper, Whether you have inserted a Quality A4 Sheet.
  • Make use of Recommended Paper Type and have a Print Test Job on it.
  • Then, you have to Check out your Paper Type Settings  in your HP pagewide pro 477dw printer.
  • In case, if the paper type has not set correctly, the print may get smear and smudges out.

Windows Operating System

  • From your Windows Operating System, Open the File that you want to Print.
  • After that, Click on the Print Option.
  • Now, Select 123HP pagewide pro 477dw Printer.
  • On the pagewide pro 477dw printer dialog box tap the preferences or properties.
  • Click on the Paper/Quality tab.
  • And from the drop down list of paper type, click More.
  • Make your Paper Selection that you gonna use, and tap OK button to close the Properties of Dialog Box.
  • Then, Tap On the Print option to make a Print  job.
  • Now, have a test print and check for the 123 HP pagewide pro 477dw Printing process.
  • Visit and get more information and solution for print quality problems.

MAC Operating System

  • Go and Open the File menu in your Mac Operating System.
  • And, Click the Print button.
  • Now, Open the Print Dialog Box and set your printing preferences.
  • Opening the Dialog Box of the 477dw Printer, you can manually set all your Printer Properties.
  • Choose the Paper Size that you're going to use for Printing.
  • Subsequently, Open the Paper or Quality menu.
  • From the Drop Down menu list of Media Type, Choose the Size that you are going to use.
  • At last, Click the Print in the Print job Option.
  • Have Test Print and Check your Printing on 123HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer.
  • Make visit of and know more about pagewide pro 477dw printer.

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HP PageWide Pro 477DW PrintHead Problem

  • Print Quality Report helps you to determine that you need to align the 477DW Printer or to Clean the Print Head.
  • Go to your Control Panel of the 123HP pagewide pro 477dw Printer, make selection by swiping or touching the screen.
  • Now, Touch the gear icon symbol and the Setup menu list will get display.
  • Then, touch on the Reports and the menu will get displays on.
  • Press the Print Quality Report and it will make Print.
  • Before proceeding on to next step, just examine Print Quality Report.
  • When you see the vertical Lines on Color bars, you may continue with Align the Printhead.
  • Or if anything detects on Print quality report like uneven colors and streaks or smudges, Proceed on to Clean the Printhead.

How to Align the Printhead for HP PageWide Pro 477DW?

  • The Installer has to use the Plain white Paper to load the 123HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer.
  • And from the home screen on the HP pagewide pro 477dw Printer Control Panel, just touch or swipe and make your selection.
  • Then, Press on the Gear icon and now you will get the Setup menu options.
  • Just give a scroll down  and press the Printer Maintenance.
  • In next sequence, touch the Align Print Head to get Start the alignment process.
  • When it detects for Unsuccessful Alignment on your Control Panel Display, Just move on to next step.
  • By now, Click on the clean Printhead level and follow the instructions that displayed on your control panel.
  • If you are in search of help, visit to and grab the guidelines and resolve your problem.
How to Clean the Printhead using HP PageWide Pro 477DW?
  • Go to 123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Printer Control Panel to get Clean the Printhead.
  • Firstly, Load the Plain white Paper into the Input Tray.
  • Make sure, that the paper has loaded properly into the tray.
  • Then, on the control panel just touch the right arrow to get the additional options.
  • By next, touch the Setup icon and Click the tools.
  • Now, Click on the Clean Printhead and there has 3 cleaning stages. You can make a test print from the Print Quality.
  • You can analyze everything using the Test Page. Click No option when it prompt to continue or jump to next step.
  • The User can diagnose all the printing problems and resolve the issues.
  • Go to to get information about Printhead Cleaning for 123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Troubleshoot.

123 hp pagewide pro clean printhead process


123 hp pagewide pro driver issues

123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Driver Issues

There is no need to bother about for 123 HP Pagewide Pro 477DW Driver Update. The Installer can simply download  from Printer and get the appropriate Software for your OS Version.

  • Make sure, that you've download and installed the new version of updated driver.
  • Updating the Driver or Installing the Software for HP pagewide pro 477dw Printer will make to Print Photos and Documents.
  • If the Installer has having the Driver already in the Operating System, confirm that the software version is updated.
  • When you didn't use the updated version of Driver, just uninstall the older version and install the latest Driver.
  • If the 123HP PageWide Pro 477DW Software has any issues on updating, you may get help from and clear it.
  • Most of the issues will be faced only on Software download and installation, so be aware while updating or downloading the Driver.
  • Just mention your Operating System Version and Obtain the Driver. Then, start 123 HP PageWide Pro 477DW Installation Printer.

No Worries! When you can't find Solution

Need Help! Find the Best Solution to Get Rid from Troubleshooting Issues and Operate the
HP Printers. Our Experts will Guide you with an Accurate Solution.

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