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123 HP Laserjet Pro M130a Installation

123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Installation

123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Installation Process includes:

  • 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Printer Setup
  • 123HP LaserJet Pro M130A Driver Installation
  • 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Network Installation
  • 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A USB Printer Installation

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123 hp laserjet pro m130a installation


123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Manual Setup

  • Here, we provide you the set of instructions for the manual HP LaserJet Pro M130A Setup.
  • Initiate with Unboxing the 123HP LaserJet Pro mfp m130a Printer. Remove the tapes that are around the Printer.
  • You will get the Manual Paper for Setting-up the Printer for the First time Configuration.
  • Then, Take Away the Printer from the Packed Box. And keep the Printer near to the Power Supply in a Flat surface.
  • After unpacking and disposing all the unwanted tapes, plastic bags, and papers from the Input Tray and Scanner Lid.
  • Then, simply install the Ink  Cartridges in the 123 HP LJPro M130a Ink Cartridges.
  • Extract all the tapes which are present on the ink cartridges. Remove the tape from the nozzle of the cartridge.
  • Be Conscious, while inserting the ink in the Cartridge place. Place the Ink Cartridges in its appropriate place.
  • Then, Load the Paper into the Paper Feeder Tray. You have to load enough paper into it.
  • Don't load much paper. Otherwise, it will get struck in tray and have problem on 123 HP Laserjet Pro M130A Troubleshooting.

123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Driver Installation

  • Before initializing the Driver Installation process, Ensure that m130a printer has Connected to your Computer Device.
  • Make Sure, that the LaserJet Pro MFP M130A Printer is Turned On.
  • Actually, the Printer always need the Software that facilitates Communication between your OS and Printer.
  • HP will regularly release the Updates for Printer Software Download.
  • Just go to to Download the 123 HP LaserJet Pro mfp m130a Printer.
  • After the Process of Driver Download, the Software will be saving to your OS Device.
  • The Downloaded file will be saved in Mac as (.dmg) and In Windows (.exe).
  • Then, Run that Software and Install it on your System.
  • While the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Installation process goes on, wait for it to complete.
  • Once, the Process gets over and you are ready to make a Print  .

123 hp laserjet pro network installation

123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Network Installation

  • Just, Connect the LaserJet Pro m130a Printer to your Local Network Connection.
  • Connecting to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet is so simple and easy to make the Printer Configuration.
  • Actually, there has 2 methods for Connectivity such as: Wireless Connection, Wi-Fi Direct Connectivity, and USB Cable Connection.
  • You can choose whatever the Connectivity suits for the Printer and easy for the Set up.
  • If you are using the Wireless Network, then go to the Control Panel and Press the Wi-Fi icon button.
  • Hold on for a while, unless the Wireless button gets blinks on.
  • Enter your Network Name and Network Password in special Characters for Network Security.
  • Then, proceed on with instructions to the Next Step and make your Network Connection Active.
  • After finishing all these Wi-Fi Set-up process, Verify your Network Connection.
  • Whether 123 HP Laserjet Pro M130A Wireless Network Connection is Active and Strength Signal Connection.
  • Keep noticing that Wi-Fi  Connection doesn't cut off in the middle of Configuration process.

123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A USB Installation

  • To Utilize the HP LaserJet Pro M130A USB Connection to your Windows and Mac Computer Device.
  • Just, Prepare for the USB Cable Installation Process. To utilize this process, you need the USB Cable for Connectivity.
  • Make sure that 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Printer is Switched On, and it is in ready mode to use.
  • Get the USB  Cable Wireless than 3 meters in length. Actually, the USB Cable will come along with the Printer.
  • On the back rear of the 123 HP LJPro M130a printer, you will have the USB Port or hub.
  • Connect the USB Cable wire into the m130a printer USB Port.
  • Verify and Check the USB Cable has Connected properly and fixed tightly in the hub.
  • While, during the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Driver your OS will get a prompt to disconnect the USB Cable.
  • Go to your Windows Start and Search for Device and tap “Device and Printers” on your Control Panel Settings.
  • Now, right click on the icon on HP laserjet pro m130a printer and tap Remove Device.
  • Then, Close the Devices and Printers in your Windows Device and jump on to the Next Setup process.

123 hp laserjet pro usb installation


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FAQ On 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Printer

Just, view the frequently asked questions On 123 HP LaserJet Pro M130A Printer.

Printer Not Found During the USB Setup
  • Restart the HP LaserJet Pro m130a Printer and your Computer  to Clear all the errors during the USB Installation.
  • Just, Disconnect the cable and reconnect the cable properly between your Personal Computer and 123HP LaserJet Pro M130A Printer.
  • If it not fixed properly, try the different USB Port on your Personal Computer Device.
Changing Network Name and Password
  • If the User had forgotten their Network Name (SSID) Service Set Identifier and Network Password (WPS) Security.
  • In case, if you forgot your Network  Connection Details get an instant help from to prevent your Wireless Network Connection Details.
  • m130a will help you to Change all your Network Details and give some instructions on Network Configuration.
LaserJet Pro M130A Driver Installation Error Occurs
  • The Installer will get the error only because of Inappropriate Driver and Outdated Version of Software.
  • Don't use the Old Version of Driver. If the Driver exists already in your Operating System Device; Uninstall that Software. And, Install the Current Version of Driver form the hp/support/ljpro-m130a to get the Appropriate Software for 123 HP LaserJet Pro m130a Printer.
  • Get the Driver Correctly that suits for the LaserJet Pro M130a Printer. Using the Inappropriate Driver led you to cause the Error.

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