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123 HP Laserjet Pro M125a Troubleshooting

123 hp laserjet pro m125a troubleshooting

123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Troubleshooting

123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Troubleshooting is a common problem that has be faced by the Users. is the finest place to get fix all your troubleshoot errors. The common Problems that might occur such as:

  • Paper Feeding Error
  • HP Instant Ink Problem
  • Cartridge Jam Issues
  • Print Head Problem and Resolving
  • Firewall Blocking Driver During Install

123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Paper Feed Error

The Problems that might occur due to following errors such as:

  • Paper is not Loaded Correctly
  • Paper has not set Properly
  • Unclean Paper, damaged, Worn Paper
  • Excess Paper Loading

Paper is not Loaded Correctly

  • First of all, The Installer has to Load the Paper Properly.
  • Take the Stack of Paper and tap on the table to set equal.
  • To get a good print quality, Use White Paper into the Input Tray.
  • For Printing the Best Paper to use is A4 Sheet.
  • Also check whether any of the paper in the printer is jammed inside.
  • If so take out all the papers that is inside the input tray and place a new bunch of sheets into the printer.

Paper has not set Properly

  • The Installer has to Set the Paper properly into the Input Tray.
  • Drag away the Input Tray Out and Load the Stack of Paper in the Feeder Tray.
  • Make sure, that the inserted Paper has fixed in its edges.

Error Cause due to Damage Paper

  • You should not use the damaged paper like unclean paper or a Worn Paper.
  • Because the damaged paper will cause the troubleshoot error occurring during the 123 HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125A Printer.
  • Obtain the Quality Paper like A4 Sheet White Paper.

Excess Paper Loading

  • The User should not Load the Paper more than the m125a Printer's Capacity.
  • Firstly, know the capacity of the Printer that how much the paper can be loaded into it.
  • Load the Paper sufficiently. But, Don't load stack of paper insufficiently.

123 HP M125A Printer Instant Ink Problem

  • HP will always provide you the HP Instant Ink.
  • Always, Update the HP Instant Ink to utilize the LaserJet Pro M125A Printer.
  • To Update the HP Instant Ink, you must have to Connect the M125A Printer.
  • Check Out your Ink Status during the Printing Process.
  • When Ink gets low, the warning occurs on Control Panel.
  • While the warning occurs, just fill the Ink in the Cartridges.
  • Always, examine your Ink Level on the HP LaserJet Pro M125A Printer.
  • When the Ink level decreases, You will face an Error. And the M125A Printer will not make Printing.

123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Cartridge Jam

  • If you face any Cartridge issues, then it may due to Unclean or Jam problem in Cartridge.
  • The Drawer of the Cartridge will get stuck and Jam due to some problem.
  • If the Cartridges had fixed improperly, and try to close down. You will face a trouble.
  • Further on, You can't work or use the Cartridge of the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Printer.
  • First of all, Confirm that the 123 HP LJPro M125a printer has settled down properly on a flat surface.
  • And, Examine your Ink  Cartridge whether if it has broken down or not settled properly.
  • If you face this issues continuously, Visit for Further Assistance.

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HP LJPro M125A Print Head Problem & Resolving

  • If you face Errors on 123 HP LaserJet Pro M125A Troubleshooting, You will not get the Good Quality of Printouts.
  • The Print Head Error occurs due to improper placement or smears which accumulate over Print Head.
  • Before starting the Printing process, Just wipe the Print  Head using the soft cloth.
  • Then, Reset the 123HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125A Printer. And Switch On it again.
  • Next, the User should to Disconnect (or) Switch Off Network Connection from 123 HP Laserjet Pro M125A Wireless Printer.
  • Wait for a while and then Re-Connect all the Cables again.
  • Just, purchase a New Printhead and get the suggestion from and identify your Print head.
  • The Print Head has to be Compatible for 123 HP LaserJet Pro-M125A Printer.
  • If you have the Option for Printer Service, then go for it and make a service. Go to the respective to grab the Service with a warranty.
  • Try to Reset the Print Head and Clean up the Ink Cartridges. Just, replace the ink cartridges with new ink cartridges.
  • If the error still persists on, then get help from hp/support/ljpro-m125a for Technical Guidance.

123 hp laserjet pro print head problem resolving

Firewall Blocking Driver During Installation

Firewall is Software which helps and block the threats from the Outside of your
Network. But, Sometimes the Settings or Configuration can get block
Communication with the Network Printers.


The Firewall Issues might cause because of following issues such as:

  • When you're not able to Install 123 HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125A Software.
  • When you are unable to identify the Software, and the M125A Printer can't able to Find your Network.
  • Some of the Functions get works but Others doesn't work.
  • Suddenly the HP LaserJet Pro M125A Printer doesn't work.
  • You cant install the HP Laserjet Pro M125a Printer software or driver and if you can able to download then the printer network will not work.
  • The Printers status will show as not connected even if the printer is well-connected with the network connection.
  • The M125A Printer Connected to Network  , but it doesn't display on Screen.

If any problems persist, have a visit to for Instant help

  • Just, go and Download  the HP Print and Scan Doctor to make an Easy Installation Process.
  • All you have to do is, Download and Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor from the for easy download.
  • Once, the Running process and Installation gets Completes Click on the Network.
  • Then, tap the Troubleshooting Firewalls from the Network.
  • Next, touch Name of any Firewall Software and that has to enabled in Status.
  • In next sequence, Click On the Disable option. Do these same processes until the Firewall get disabled.
  • Once, all the Firewall get disabled then you have to Install the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125A Driver.

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