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123 hp photosmart c5100 printer

123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Setup

Surprisingly, the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer can manage all the printing process with Ease. There is no need to buy a separate product for performing each task. Have visit on and establish your Printing job with Reliable Guidelines. The 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Setup process are listed below:

  • 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Manual Printer Setup
  • 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Wireless Set up
  • 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Driver Download
  • 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Software Installation
  • HP Photosmart C5100 Printing Photos and Documents
  • 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Troubleshoot

Know more about 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer

  • Undoubtedly, the 123 HP Photosmart Printer C5100 is performs all around, which can able to Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax.
  • The User can Print from anywhere using their Mobile Device. You can have Print directly from your Smartphone Device.
  • Just connect your Smartphone device to the C5100 printer with an Active Internet connection.
  • The Greatest Advantage of the Photosmart printer C5100 is that, there has 2 connectivity options such as Wireless and USB  Cable Connection.
  • The Print will not fade out, printout will be vivid.
  • You can make an Easy Photo Printing with the help of Photosmart Printer C5100.
  • You can save the high capacity of HP Ink Cartridge.
  • Actually, HP recommends their customers to use the Original HP Ink Cartridge.
  • Utilizing the HP Instant Ink Cartridge provides you the clear print out.
  • The Printing works more quickly and also setting up the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printers is so simple.
  • The User can Share their photos and Documents via Email.
  • The 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer has the ability to Print multiple pages.
  • And, there has a Double Side Printing Option. You can save your paper and time.

Key Benefits On 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer

  • Gathering information will be helpful for you to use the 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • The 123 HP Photosmart Printer C5100 can able to Print, Scan, and Copy all your Photos and Documents.
  • And, it has the ability to print up to 50 copies of print. The Outcome result will be excellent.
  • The Photosmart C5100 Printer can consume your Power Supply.
  • When the Ink cartridge runs off, you can replace or refill the ink in the cartridge.
  • You can Manually setup your Printing Preferences to make use of HP Photosmart Printer C5100.
  • Photosmart printer adopts the mobile printing tools such as HP ePrint  , Wireless Direct Printing, and Apple Print.
  • You can load up to 80 sheets in the Input Tray and 20 Sheets in the Photo Tray.
  • Duplex Printing will make Print automatically, when you select double side printing in the print job settings.
  • And, it can Print a Borderless Printing for your Photos and Documents.
  • To know more about 123 HP Photosmart Printer C5100, visit on and gather more information.
  • Additionally, the HP C5100 Printer has number of Print Ink Cartridges such as: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

Unboxing 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer

  • To Unpack and setting up 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer, just follow the below guidelines.
  • The Very first thing, you want to Open the Box of HP Photosmart Printer C5100.
  • Carefully, Extract all the tapes that is present on the package.
  • Just, fold back of the flaps, so then you can easily take out the Printer out.
  • Using the handles of the plastic bag, take away the HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Out from the box.
  • Discard the Styrofoam which presents on the sides of the Photosmart Printer C5100.
  • Now, eradicate the plastic bag and other packaging from the 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • Lift up the Scanner and remove the plastic paper from that place.
  • After that, lift up the top cover of the C5100 Printer and remove all the tapes.
  • Take away the extra pieces of the tapes that are around the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.

123 hp photosmart unboxing printer


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Requirements available in HP Photosmart C5100 Printer

  • Inside the box there will be different partitions of the printer requirements.
  • You will get the Setup Cartridges for using the 123 HP Photosmart Printers.
  • Make use of Ink Cartridges while during the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Setup printer.
  • And, you will get the Power Cord to get Connect with your Device.
  • Next, you will get a Power Module for 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • Additionally, there has Two wire phone cord which can be set up the printer to send & receive faxes.
  • There will be a sample package of Advanced Photo Paper. Make use of that paper and Print  photos.
  • The Very next thing, you will get the Initial Setup Guidelines for 123 HP Photosmart Printer C5100.
  • The Printer Set up guidelines which includes the basic information for Hardware Setup.
  • As well as, you will get the instructions for Software Installation.
  • Moreover, the Setup manual paper will guide you how to operate and use the Control Panel of the Photosmart C5100 printer.
  • In next sequence, the customer will get the CD Driver Installation for HP Photosmart C5100 printer.
  • And, the User can Update 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Driver available in and obtain it.

Setup HP Photosmart C5100 Wi-Fi Network

  • Before initiating the Wireless Network Setup, You have to Turn On the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • Make confirm that the C5100 printer is Active and get ready for printing.
  • Collect your Network Name and Password for your Wireless Internet Connection.
  • The Wireless Set up gets active with the use of entering your network name & password.
  • And, you have to Connect your Personal Computer Device to your Wi-Fi Internet Connection.
  • When, you are using the Wireless connection disable the USB Cable Connection.
  • Press and Hold on the Wireless button to make Turning On the Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • On the 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer Control Panel, go to wireless menu and select Wireless Setup Wizard (WSW).
  • Then, Proceed on with the On screen displayed instructions and Complete the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Wireless Setup.
  • For further details, you can link on to and use that guidelines to setup Wifi network connection.

Download & Install HP Photosmart C5100 Driver

  • To Download and Install the Driver for HP Photosmart C5100 Printer, Turn On the Printer.
  • Then, Go and Open the Browser in your Operating System.
  • Indeed, is the perfect place to obtain the driver according to your System version.
  • Type Photosmart C5100 printer on the Address Bar.
  • On the Search Bar enter “Photosmart C5100 Printer” and click on the Submit button.
  • Now, you will automatically get the 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Software.
  • The user can get the appropriate Driver which is suitable for your Version.
  • Under the Driver, you have the Download button.
  • Just, hit on the Download button and the process will get start automatically.
  • Wait for Sometime until the Software download gets complete.
  • If any help, visit and obtain the immediate solution or guidelines for downloading printer driver.
Printing a Test Page from 123HP C5100 Photosmart
  • Actually, the Print Test Page will show you the Printer Status Report.
  • Firstly, Load the Paper into the Input Tray.
  • Then, move the Edges of Paper guide towards inside.
  • Move on to your Control Panel of the HP Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • And, Select the Preferences from the Setup Menu options.
  • After that, Click on the OK button. Then, tap Printer Status Report from the tool options.
  • Touch OK  button and wait for a while.
  • Now, the HP Photosmart Printer Status Report Prints and the Print will come out.
  • Just, have a check on the printed paper whether it is vivid and smudges free.
  • While making the print test report, you will come to know that Printing is working good or not.
  • Probably, the troubleshoot cause on Connectivity settings or Printing Software that you have used.
  • If any problem occurs on 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Troubleshoot, will guide you with responsibility.

123 hp photosmart usb setup

123 HP Photosmart C5100 USB Setup
  • Firstly, make sure that 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Printer is Switched On and ready for Configuration.
  • Take the USB Cable and Connect one end to the HP Photosmart C5100 Printer and Other end to your Personal Computer.
  • Have a Check on, the UBS Cable has connected properly to both of the devices.
  • When you get the recommendation to disconnect the cable, Just make Ejection of USB during the Installation Setup.
  • Now, On your Windows OS search on for Devices and Click on the Devices and Printers on the Control Panel Settings.
  • Just give a right click and select the HP Photosmart C5100 Printer and tap Remove Device.
  • When multiple icons exist for HP Photosmart Printer C5100, then remove all of it.
  • Afterwards, Close Devices and Printers Windows and proceed on to next step.
  • Now, its time for 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Installation Set up.
  • Get visit on and obtain the Driver which is suitable for the Photosmart C5100 Printer.
  • The Installer can manually download software and Install it on their devices.
  • Click on the Download  button and wait until the process gets complete.
  • After that, Search for Driver Downloaded File and Click on it.
  • Follow the Displayed instructions and finish out the installation process for C5100 printer.
  • While, the Installation process get over you are ready to make use of Printing.

No Worries! When you can't find Solution

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Troubleshoot On 123HP Photosmart C5100 Printer

Always for an Instant Support will provide you the Best Guidelines for 123 HP Photosmart C5100 Troubleshoot Printer.

We are glad to help and assist you with proper instructions for resolving the HP Photosmart Printer C5100. While, Getting issues on 123HP Photosmart C5100 is a common error problem; You can easily resolve Errors.

In most case, HP Photosmart C5100 Printer users might face the Troubleshoot Problem. Typically, the User has to do same process when specific error occurs on 123HP Photosmart C5100 printer.

First of all, be aware that you are using the HP Original Ink  Cartridge . The Type of Paper will also make effect on print quality problem.

Print Job Problem

To avoid Print Job Problems, Just use the HP Print and Scan Doctor. Firstly Download and Install the app in your Device and make use of it.

Ink Cartridge Error

When you face Ink Cartridge error, Open the Cartridge access door. Take away the Ink cartridge, make check of it and Reinstall it again.

Network Problem will help you to fix your Network Connection issues. Check your Network Name & Password and proceed on to reconnect it again.

Driver Install Issues

Make sure, that you've downloaded the suitable Software for HP Photosmart C5100 Printer. Incorrect Driver may cause the troubleshoot problem.


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