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123 hp amp 125 printer

123 HP AMP 125 Printer Setup

The 123 HP AMP 125 Printer is a Multi-functional Printer which performs all round. There has a Specialty in the 123HP amp 125 Printer which includes the Bluetooth Speaker. You will get the high quality with the Bass Speaker. Visit and get the valuable information.

The 123HP AMP 125 Printer is available in a reasonable price. The Amp 125 printer is a Compatible One, and it doesn’t take much space. You can establish the HP amp 125 Printer, Connecting with your Wireless Internet Connection. Just, Download and Install the Software correctly for HP AMP 125 Printer.


Specifications On 123HP AMP 125 Printer

  • The 123 HP Amp 125 Printer has the Input and Output Tray.
  • You can load up to 60 sheets in the Input tray and 25 Sheets in Output Tray.
  • Surprisingly, the HP amp 125 Printer which supports the Mobile Printing such as: Mopria, ePrint, Airprint, Cloud Print, and HP Smart app.
  • The 123 HP Amp 125 Printer supports all the Smartphone Devices & Windows  or Mac  Operating System.
  • And, there has two color options such as Black, and Color Text. It produces you the High Quality of Output Print.
  • Moreover, there has multi color ink cartridge that can be interchangeable when the color runs out.
  • Particularly, the 123HP Amp 125 Printer supports both the USB Cable and Wireless Cable Connection.
  • The Necessary One is to Download the 123 HP AMP 125 Driver. So, then you can make use of printer for printing process.
  • To get Connect with Mobile Device, just use the HP Smart app and Start your Printing.
  • Additionally, the Amp125 is Specially Designed for the Smartphone, Tablet, and Android Devices.
  • Even you can hear your favorite songs using the Bluetooth Speaker
  • If you want to know more about HP Amp125 Printer, Visit and gain the information.

Features Of 123 HP AMP 125 Printer

  • There has a lot of Connectivity Options Such as: Bluetooth, Wireless, Wired, USB, and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • And, it has the capability to use with Mobile Printing Solutions: HP Smart app, HP Print Service Plugin and So on.
  • The 123 HP AMP Printers supports the Web Services too like: ePrint, HP Instant Ink, Print apps.
  • The 123 HP AMP 125 Printer can be manage via Software to your Personal Computer System.
  • You will get 2 Ink Cartridges such as: Black and Color ink. Actually, it will come along with the HP amp 125 printer and its free.
  • The 123HP Amp 125 Printer Speaker has 15W RMS and the frequency will be 88 Hz-16 KHz.
  • The Print method that can use in AMP 125 Printer is the Thermal Inkjet Printing.
  • It has the ability to Print with high speed in pages per minute. Then, it has the Duplex Printing Option too.
  • You can Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax all your Photos  and Documents  using the HP amp 125 printer Setup.
  • Using the HP Smart app makes your work easy and Effortless Printing.
  • To get more details, have a visit to 125 and know the features.

123 HP AMP 125 Printer Connectivity Setup

Actually, there has 2 methods for Connectivity Set up. One is USB Cable Connection and Wireless Network
Connection. Make use of any Connection and Start your Printing process. You can Connect your
Computer Device or Mobile Device using the Network Connection.


Instant Setup On 123 HP AMP 125 USB Connection

  • First of all, make sure that the 123HP Amp 125 Printer is Turned On, and it is in ready state.
  • Get the USB Cable that came along with HP Amp125 Printer less than 3meter.
  • Just, Connect the USB Cable into your Personal Computer where the available Port is available.
  • Start utilizing the 123 HP AMP 125 Software. Make sure, you have Installed the Software on your Computer.
  • Just, Disconnect the USB  Cable from your Personal Computer.
  • Now, On your Windows OS Search On for “Devices” and tap Devices and Printers.
  • Then, Right Click on the Printer model as HP Amp 125 and tap Remove Device.
  • If any icons exist on your screen for Amp125 printer, then remove all.
  • After that, Close Devices and Printers Windows OS, then proceed on to next step.
  • When the Driver Installation gets completed, then you’re ready for the 123 HP Amp 125 Setup process.
  • You may also get help from printer and obtain the guidelines to connect with USB Connection.

 Note: Do not Disconnect the USB Cable until it get prompts during Software Installation.

Easy Config On 123 HP AMP 125 Wireless Setup

  • To make use of Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, You need some requirements. That will be your Network Name and Password.
  • Actually, HP always recommends the broadband internet access such as DSL or USB Cable for Driver Download, Utilizing the Web Service and Obtain Printer updates.
  • Before starting the process, Check out your Connection that it is Strong and active.
  • Keep your Router close to your Operating System and 123HP AMP125 Printer Device.
  • Moreover, both the devices have Connect to Same Network Connection.
  • Otherwise, your device may not get work and you can’t move forward to next step without the network connection.
  • When the 123 HP AMP 125 Wireless Connection get successful, you have to Load the Paper and Install the Ink Cartridges.
  • To Load the paper and Installing Cartridges guidelines, Visit to 125 and get Step-by-Step Instructions.
  • Then, get ready for 123 HP AMP 125 Installation process for Software.
  • The Installer has to Install the correct Software for the amp 125 printer and check your Computer  or Laptop  version too.
  • Without software the printer might not get work. If you are not interested to download the Driver, then use the CD Driver for Installation.
  • When you face any problem, go to 125 printer and get instant support with no worries.

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Trouble Free Steps On 123 HP AMP 125 Driver

  • First of all, to use the HP amp 125 printer you have to Download the Driver. And the Software has to be appropriate for your Operating System and HP AMP125 Printer.
  • Have a Visit to and enter the Printer Name and Series as “HP Amp 125” .
  • Then, Follow the On-screen instructions to Download the 123 HP Amp 125 Software.
  • Download the Driver that depends on the Amp125 Printer.
  • For Successful Configuration, You can also Download  the HP Easy start Download for 123 HP AMP 125 Setup.
  • If any problems occur like your Driver fails during downloading or Amp125 printer doesn’t listed, you may get help from 125 and resolve it.
  • On the HP Customer Support, Go to Software and Driver Download then Enter Amp125 Printer and ensure your OS Version is right.
  • In case, Let’s Identify your product to get started” pages displays on screen, Then tap Printer and Enter AMP125.
  • Then, finally Click On the Submit button.
  • And, if you want to change the version of your Operating System, Click On Change and Choose your version and tap Change.

123 hp amp trouble free steps

  • Next, Click on the Download button to obtain the full software package.
  • Otherwise, Click the Basic Drivers for Other Software Options.
  • The Installer has to choose the Amp125 Printer Connection Type, Select only if prompts.
  • Pick the USB Connection and click Continue and Finish the Set up process.
  • Finally, you can have a try to Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax that depends on the 123HP Amp125 Printer functionality.

123 HP AMP 125 Printer Setup

Visit and Configure the 123 HP AMP 125 printer.
You can make Quick Set-up with good guidelines
using driver installation.


Making Print, Scan, Fax

You can Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax using your Windows or Laptop Operating System. It’s Very easy to make printing process with amp125 printer.

Get HP Smart App

Make use of HP Smart app and you can easily configure the 123HP amp 125 printer. Download and Install HP smart app and perform the printing.

123 HP Print & Scan Doctor
  • Just, Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor from your Windows or Mac Device.
  • To get HP Print and Scan Doctor, Go amp 125 printer and have a download.
  • Click the Download button which present at the top of the Screen.
  • When the Download get finished, start installing that file in your System.
  • Firstly, Run the HPPSdr.exe from the Location on your Personal Computer.
  • Once, the HP Print and Scan Doctor get Installed on your Computer then Open the Software file.
  • If the Amp 125 Printer does not listed on your screen, then click the Retry button and try again.
  • If you have a Connection problem, Visit 125 and resolve issues that you might face on 123 HP AMP 125 Troubleshoot.
  • You can manually resolve it by following the guidelines on the screen and depends on Printing or Faxing issues.
123 HP AMP 125 Mobile Printing Features
  • The 123 HP AMP125 Printer can be use with Mobile Printing solutions like:
  • Apple AirPrint, cloud Print, Mopria, ePrint, HP Smart app, and HP Print Service Plugin.
  • You can download all these apps from your Google Play Store and Start your configuration.
  • Just, Download and Install these apps on your mobile and Connect your devices to these apps.
  • And, Start making the printing process using tools with HP Amp 125 printer.
  • You can easily get start the process with simple steps.
  • Actually, Mobile Printing is the simplest way for 123 HP AMP 125 Installation Setup.
  • The 123HP Amp 125 Printer supports all the mobile devices like the android, smartphone, tablet, iPad, or iPod.
  • To know how to connect the Amp 125 printer to your Mobile using the app, will help you with instructions.

No Worries! When you can't find Solution

Need Help! Find the Best Solution to Get Rid from Troubleshooting Issues and Operate the
HP Printers. Our Experts will Guide you with an Accurate Solution.

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FAQ On 123 HP AMP 125 Printer

123 HP AMP 125 Printer not found or connected during USB Setup?

Just, restart the amp 125 printer HP and your personal computer. Then, Disconnect and Reconnect the USB Cable from both the devices. Connect the USB Cable properly and check whether it has connected and working.

HP Print and Scan Doctor can’t find the AMP 125 Printer

If the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool can’t able to find AMP125 printer, visit and resolve your 123 HP AMP 125 Troubleshoot issue. We will guide in a proper way and with step by step instructions. You can use USB or Ethernet Cable and Wireless Connection.

No Connection exists after Router or Wi-Fi Settings

You can purchase a new router instead of using the previous router. Change your Network Settings like Network Name and Network Password and reconfigure with the same wireless set up process with new settings.


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