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123 HP AMP 130 Installation

123 hp amp 130 installation

123 HP AMP 130 Installation

The 123 HP AMP 130 Installation accomplish awesome features in a reasonable price. And, HP amp 130 Printer supports all the Mobile Devices. It can establish with the Strong Internet Connection. AMP130 Printer allows Duplex Printing, and will make a print on both sides of the paper.

Visit to obtain all the information regarding 123HP AMP 130 Printer Installation. The Amp 130 is an Inkjet printer. The AMP130 Printer produce you the Instant Print. The Outcome of the Print Quality result will be so good.

To Set up the 123 HP Amp 130 printer, you need to download and Install the driver. Downloading the driver has to be suitable for the printer. Get the 123 HP Amp 130 Driver Printers from and download it.


123 HP AMP Ink Cartridge Installation

  • Insert One End of the Power Cord to amp 130 Printer and Other End to the Electrical Outlet.
  • Make the 123HP Amp 130 printer turning on. While Turning On the Power button hold on for a sec.
  • Wait for few seconds and then Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door.
  • You can Open the Ink Cartridge access door only when the amp 130 printer is On and Active.
  • Unwrap the 123 HP AMP 130 Printer from the package.
  • Then, Take away the Orange color tape from the cartridge. But, don’t touch the copper colored contacts or the nozzle.
  • After that, without touching the copper color contact and nozzle place the cartridge into its place.
  • Insert the Cartridges in the appropriate place. There will be 2 cartridges in the amp130 printer.
  • Verify the Cartridges have placed and fixed in correct slots.
  • Either, You can replace the New Ink Cartridges or Refill the Cartridges.
  • When the Ink runs out, it may cause the 123 HP Amp 130 Troubleshoot error.

How to Replace the 123HP AMP 130 Printer Ink Cartridge?

  • Firstly, Switch On the 123HP amp 130 Printer.
  • After that, Open the Cartridge access door.
  • Just, wait for a while until the amp 130 Printer carriage get silent and idle.
  • Now, Press the Ink Cartridge and take away the previous ink.
  • Then take the new ink cartridge and unpack the cover.
  • And now it’s time to replace the new ink cartridge.
  • Place the Ink cartridge into the slots and squeeze the cartridge to fix.
  • Check out the Cartridge has settled down in the place. And make sure that it locks into its place.
  • Finally, gently close down the Ink  Cartridge Access Door.
  • Before installing the ink cartridges, examine the cartridge has no damages and ink leakage.
  • Moreover, you get Order the HP Instant Ink by visiting 130 and obtain it.
  • Instead of refilling the Ink in the same cartridge, you may get the new one and use in HP AMP130 Printer.

123 HP AMP Driver Installation

  • First of all, Press on the Power button of 123 HP AMP 130 Printer.
  • Then, Turn On the Wireless Button which presents on the amp130 printer.
  • Make sure, that the Printer is turned on and next check the Wi-Fi Network Connection.
  • Finish the 123 HP AMP 130 Wireless Setup process, visit to get the information for Wi-Fi  Network.
  • After that, go to 130 and Click on the Driver and Software among those tab options.
  • Now, You have to Enter the Printer Model Name and Series as “amp 130” in the search bar.
  • After entering the Printer Name, Click the Submit button.
  • By Next, if you want to change the version of your operating system, Click Change Version.
  • The Software has to appropriate for the HP AMP 130 Printer and suitable for your System Version.
  • Below that, there will be Download option.
  • Hit on the Download button, to get start the process.
  • The Download process will make some time to finish. So, wait for a few minutes until the file gets over.
  • Once, the download gets completed you may start to install that file in your computer or laptop.
  • Now, go to your Location of Download folder and identify the Driver File.
  • The Saved Driver file which ends with (.exe) for Windows and (.dmg) for Mac.

123 hp amp driver installation

  • Click On the Software File and Run it. After that, Begin the 123 HP Amp 130 Installation.
  • Follow the instruction that is displayed on your screen and continue to next step.
  • When the 123 HP AMP 130 Software gets over, at last step you've to finish the Installation process successfully.

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Features Available In 123 HP AMP 130 Printer

There has Awesome features that are available in 123 HP AMP 130 Printer. You can easily make the Print  and simultaneously you can hear the music or answer the call. Additionally, you can control the amp 130 Printer using the HP Smart app.

Listening to Music

The 123HP AMP130 Printer has a speaker. Literally, you can listen to music with the Bluetooth Speakers that is present on the Printer.

Responding Calls

Furthermore, you can respond your calls that come for your mobile. Just pair the HP AMP 130 Printer to Bluetooth Function on your Mobile.

Charging your Mobiles

Moreover, you can charge up your mobile device using the USB Cable Connection. The USB Cable will be given with the 123HP AMP 130 printer.

Print Documents

You can Print your Documents and photos using the HP Instant Ink, which delivers you the clear text. The text will be sharp and vivid.


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